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Doula - Education - Yoga

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Doula Services

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In-Person Packages may include some or all of the following:

(Please email for menu of 3 different packages)

  • 2-3 prenatal visits

  • Printed materials and resources, including beautiful modern workbooks with access to videos

  • Local DFW resources/references

  • Private childbirth classes:  small groups or individual couples 

  • Basic labor, birth, newborn, and breastfeeding & postpartum education as well as preparation for medicated & unmedicated birth, both in and out of hospital 

  • Education & Practice of relaxation/breathwork

  • Individualized in person or virtual yoga class 

  • Personalized birth plan 

  • On-call availability of doula  & professional back up doula 

  • Unlimited texting and email from 9am to 8pm Monday-Saturday for non emergency contact. Emergency contacts related to births are 24/7.

  • Complete labor and birth support and up to 2 hours postpartum

  • Documentary-style photos taken by doula 

  • Use of essential oils at your labor and birth if desired 

  • Postpartum home visit within first 2 weeks 

  • Postpartum phone and text support up to 6 weeks

  • Lactation & counselor referral available upon request  

  • Baby Yoga class 


  • Extra education sessions, $55/hour or $100/for 2 hour session 

  • Private yoga/relaxation  session for mother or couple, $70/class

  • Postpartum in person help, including overnight--package details available upon request & based upon availability. $30-40/hour


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Childbirth Education
Offerings include:

Prepared Childbirth Class- including workbook, handouts, professional educational birth videos and personal instruction from Cheryl. Class includes complimentary phone call to assess your situation and tailor the class accordingly, whether this is your first birth or your third. 

Class time 3-4 hours, depending upon group and setting. ($225)

Private  in home class available for ($300)

Topics available:

  • Anatomy and stages of labor, pushing and birth

  • What to expect if birthing at a hospital, birth center or home

  • Medical interventions, epidural, C-section

  • Labor Coping Skills/Comfort Measures

  • Postpartum care and expectations

  • Breastfeeding right after birth 

Baby Care Basics- covers newborn procedures, infant care, diapering, dressing and bathing, finding a pediatrician, includes workbook.
Class time: 1.5 to 2 hours ($100)

Sibling Class: preparing other kids and parents for transition, book provided for child(ren). ($50)

Breast Feeding Education

Education Basics of Breast Feeding, app recommendations and book provided by instructor. Class time: 1..5 to 2.5  hours ($100)

All classes offered in local birth center or yoga studio or the comfort of your own home (or virtually) and materials provided by the instructor. 



Prenatal Classes 

As a certified prenatal yoga instructor, I offer both private & group classes.

See link below for current class schedule:
Postpartum Classes 
Group and private classes, both "Just Mommy" and "Mommy & Me"
classes are available.

Private yoga is $65 per class which is 75 minutes.
Group classes vary, but often $12-25/per class.

"Little Tiny Yoga" for Babies

Reach out to schedule a private or group appointment.

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