Pricing and Packages

I am always willing and excited  to hear your individual story and unique desires, and help you put together the best birth plan for you and your partner, or birth coach. 


My basic package fee is $1000.00 

This is paid in 2 payments. Your first payment of $500.00 secures your place on my calendar.  Your second payment of $500.00 is not required until the birth of the baby.  I ask it be paid within one week of baby's birthday. 


Included in this package are 2 prenatal visits, in your home, preferably with your birth partner present.  I am also willing to attend a Dr. appt. with you if you would like.   If it is a home or birthing center birth, I like to meet with the midwife and familiarize my self with your birth setting before the big day.  

Once labor begins, I will be available by phone and happy to come to you whenever you are ready for my support.  I often come to your home first, and then will stay with you throughout labor at  a hospital or birthing center.  I will remain with you and your partner, throughout your labor, birth, and first few hours of postpartum if desired. I do NOT charge hourly or extra for longer labors or "false alarms". 


Once you are home, I come to your house for a follow up/postpartum visit to check on mom and baby, offer breastfeeding support,  process birth, and answer any questions you may have.  I prefer to do this within the first 5-10 days following the birth, and sooner if desired. 

My fee also includes your unlimited  ability to text or email me at any point through out your pregnancy.  

Please ask about my special discounts for 

returning clients, and experienced moms. 

I am also open to extended payment plans.  

I also offer essential oil use and education at no extra charge.  I bring my own diffuser, oils, & massage lotions to the birth.  I also have a blue tooth speaker available  for your special labor play list. 

Private prenatal yoga lessons

& childbirth classes are available for 

and extra fee.  We can discuss this at our first meeting. 

I can send you a copy of contract upon request.